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Transformation Ln.

Aundria Layne

is a dynamic holistic wellness coach helping clients create a healthy lasting lifestyle.  Her focus is on guiding clients to heal both the body and mind using her natural techniques and skills.  As a master life coach, hypnotherapist, and nutrition consultant, Aundria is the owner of Transformation Ln. a company that promotes living up to your highest potential.  She has studied at the prestigious Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe AZ and received her Holistic Mind-Body Wellness Degree specializing in advanced Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition Certification, and Yoga Gangsters Certifications working with at risk youth.  She also is in the process of obtaining her Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Her passion for teaching and assisting others to improve their health comes from the heart.  In 2009, her daughter Charli was born and soon after was diagnosed with celiac disease along with an autoimmune deficiency.  Seeing her daughter having to struggle and undergo many tests to determine the cause of her illnesses and how to control it using a conventional medical approach propelled her to find her own solution.  Aundria’s journey to save her daughters quality of life was life changing and today she is grateful to give others the same hope.  Aundria is here for those who are ready and willing to transform and improve the quality of their own life as well as their families.

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