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Transformation Ln.


Product Price Sheet 

Email to followthelayne@gmail.com

Shipping flat rate Small $7 Medium $15 and Large $23

Intention Box Made with full meditation, connection and intention to individual

Looseleaf smudge

Bath salts~ Made with a mix containing three or more salts to optimize the experience of each need. Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Pure Ocean Salt, Epsom Salt. May also include Flowers, Essential Oils, Camphor, and or Baking Soda

2oz Spray~ Made With Witch Hazel and  Moon Water

10 ml Roller~ Made With 100% Organic Coconut Oil (or Grapeseed)

Lotion~ Made with 100% vegan and animal cruelty free Boddy Butter

Spell jars 

Protection Globes      $25

Intention Necklaces and Charms  $15 to $35

Candles Made By Charli please not she is working weekends only therefor the turn around is a bit longer for this due to school (she is 11 yrs old)


Life Coaching

Mix Modality of Coaching/Hypnotherapy/EFT/TFT/Bio-Magnetic Therapy/Reiki

This is time based and figuring out what will suit you best. Prices are set at $75.00 per hour

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