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“Aundria is one of the most caring, loving, giving, non-judgmental people I know. She sincerely cares about her clients. During the time I acquired her service she helped me to understand my thinking and directed me into a different thought process. Her sense of caring and non judgment held a huge part in helping me to move forward.  I would highly recommend any of her services.” ~B.C.

“I highly recommend Aundria as a nutritional coach! I hired Aundria to help me with a diet plan and I was so impressed! She was able to teach me a lot and her meal plans were wonderful! While using her meal plans I found I wasn’t hungry, I felt I had more energy, and I was able to lose weight. She was very careful to listen to me and work with me week to week according to my specific needs. Working with her helped me learn much better approaches to losing weight and nourishing myself and my family. It was a wonderful experience and definitely worth the money!” ~D.Z.

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